Graham J. Godwin, Jr.: 1931 - 2002

Interesting Links

Here are a few links that I think you might enjoy (we know we do, anyway).
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    Need a bootdisk or a utility? Check this place out!
  • The Brackmann Family
    Dave's site of geekdom
  • City of Lee's Summit, Missouri
    The city's official website. See what Lee's Summit has to offer!
  • Country Club Plaza
    America's first shopping center!
  • CNN Headline News
    Online news for the cable deprived.
  • Denver and the Mile High Orchestra
    An awesome christian big-band group!
  • FireFox Web Browser
    The (more) secure alternative to Internet Explorer; highly recommended!
  • First Baptist Church - Lees Summit, Missouri
    Our church; feel free to visit sometime!
  • Gizmo's Freeware Reviews
    An awesome web site to find the best free software out there.
  • Google
    My favorite search engine. It's awesome!
  • Heartland America
    Great deals can be found here!
  • Heritage Square
    Ah yes, we spent many a summer riding the go-karts and other fun rides here (on our vacations to Grandma and Grandpa's, of course)!
  • How Stuff Works
    How does stuff work???
  • Intellicast
    Worldwide weather at your fingertips.
  • Internet Movie Database
    Any movie information you would need is here.
  • KCLUG - The Kansas City Linux Users Group
    Kansas City's own Linux Users Group! Lots of good Linux information can be found here!
  • KCRC - The Kansas City Radio Control Association
    A group of fliers in the KC Metro Area.
  • Kansas City Scout
    The powers that be finally got the Kansas City highway cameras onto the internet. Go look!
  • The Lee's Summit Journal
    Our local newspaper's website. Good list of links, too.
    NOVALUG, or the Northern Virginia Linux Users Group. Lots of good Linux information can be found here!
  • Peace Frogs
    Surf the frog...
  • Phil On The Hill
    Phil and Doni's home on the web.
  • Sky Mall
    Sky Mall: Shop while you fly!
  • The Official Star Wars Site
    Use the force, Luke...
  • ThinkGeek
    Toys for the geek in all of us...
  • TrafficLand
    Live Northern Virginia traffic cameras...
  • Where's George
    Very cool site that allows you to track where your money goes...literally!